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Thread: Greys Anatomy

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    ok this is a delayed post- lol

    but my husband and me missed part one. We were watching CSI and the dvr was supposed to tape Grey's but instead it taped CSI. That CSI episode sucked and I jumped through hoops to see part 1 of Grey's. For some reason the episode player would not play correctly at home so I watched it at work- lol! Yes I am a diehard! Then I was mad that they turned around and replayed it! I had been hoping earlier that they would have played it the Friday after the original airdate because they sometimes do that. So we ended up watching the first one again so that my hubby could see it. Then we see part 2 and I am so sad because Seth's character didn't make it.

    Ok when is the writer's strike gonna end? I need Grey's! :cry:

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Finally a new show today :thewave:

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    The show was great last night. Very touching and it's about time derek kicked Meradith to the curb. I did some crying with Tucker and Baily. Also I of course loved the healing and faith part of the show.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    finally a new show tonight. :headbang:

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Pretty good show last night. I don't think Derek will stay with Rose and I am not sure what's going on with Izzy and George these days.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Calie is still my fav and I guess DR Haun will be gay she has a crush on calie. we will find out next week. Derek is still dating the nurse

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    WOO HOO 2 hour premeir tonight

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    So the first show was great as usual and last week wasn't on but tonight it's back. I do like this show.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    This season has been pretty good and the show plays tonight. We have a new dr. on this year and they will be getting rid of another one.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Denny was back last night and Han is gone.

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