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Thread: How long do you wait?

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    How long do you wait?

    I won a trip to Jamaica from Continental Vacations on 4/30/07 - I got the paperwork sent back in and got an email from the lady on 5/20 that she got my W-9 and would send me the air vouchers and Sandals vouchers when she got the vouchers from Sandals. I emailed her after I got back from Hawaii since I never saw the vouchers come and worried that someone had grabbed them or my mom missed them or something. She told me on 7/21/07 - -

    Nikki - I am waiting for the hotel certificate to arrive from Sandals. As soon as I receive it, I will FedEx it to you.
    Thank you.


    so how long should I wait before contacting her again? I don't want to be a pain but geez, it's been a long time!!! And the rules in the trip said it had to be taken by 2/28/08 - but hubby doesn't want to spend the money for a passport ($100 plus $20 for pics each) until we get it and passports take 10-12 weeks... Everyday I think about it but then at the same time I don't want to upset the person that could be planning my trip...

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    Re: How long do you wait?

    I think it would be extremely reasonable for you to be on the phone tomorrow. Wow, I thought my laptop win was bad!

    Best of luck to you. I hope everything is finally in order and that you are off on your trip soon. Congrats on a great win!

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    Re: How long do you wait?

    Nikki - If it were me, I would place a call to Sandals Customer Service and ask them directly about the vouchers and question them about the time constraints. There's been enough time. I would not be surprised if Sandals just sends the vouchers directly to you. Squeak a little, my dear. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Re: How long do you wait?

    I would contact them for some type of info !!!

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    Re: How long do you wait?

    Took me 6 months to get a win from Redbook and I had to contact them after 6 months to remind them.... I was expecting the long wait from them but would have been longer if not for the reminder.

    I think it makes sense to contact Sandals directly vs. going through Continental. All they are doing is waiting, so w/o a reminder... Sandals won't send...

    Also, do bring up the time constraint as previously mentioned. See if they can extend it since it took them so long.

    Good luck.

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