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Thread: Please People!! ..READ THE RULES

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    Please People!! ..READ THE RULES

    Are you guys kidding me when you send IMs of sweepstakes over, when the rules clearly state the end time of any hr of the day still posted? ( We remove todays expire after midnight..if it expired at 3 pm ET this afternoon, it will still show until tonight+) .. or .. if a sweepstakes has a def time to enter during the entry period as :

    Entry Period #1 1/13/13, 8:00pm PT 1/23/13, 6:59:59pm PT
    Entry Period #2 1/24/13, 8:00pm PT 2/14/13, 6:59:59pm PT
    Entry Period #3 2/24/13, 8:00pm PT 3/11/13, 6:59:59pm PT

    (Please dont tell me the sweepstakes is is not)

    or do I really need to tell you all one prize per person in the listing (as no other site does?) even if the comments are is not a matter of national emergency.

    I realize the listing should have pert information. But any report to us should be in reflection of an ERROR in regards to that listing. These things are NOT errors in the LISTING themselves:

    wont load
    cant see submit button
    no confirm
    rules say daily, wont let me enter daily
    says I entered today, (may be 24 hrs even though the rules says:daily) but I havent yet entered for today.
    Has failed to load at all
    (most likely ya computer, internet, browser) NOT an error for the sweepstakes.
    Says enter for (todays date) and enter page goes to non-exist)..well..we are a sweep listing site, we do not run the sweepstakes. Contact the sponsor!

    If you all can please report the matter of :

    entry frequency error means: it is listed as one time, should be daily, etc..
    entry is book, should be dvd
    The website has changed the url to the sweepstakes (yes..that happens..please dont cap you report like: WHERE IS THIS SWEEP?..for one..the sweep was most likely fine when we LISTED it, and second..I think you are yelling at me, and how rude is that?) I will check the url, and if I find it is no longer avail anywhere, remove it. If the url has changed, I will make that adjustment also *sigh*
    things like that..are ERRORS

    If at any time you find an error in the rules, such as it says daily (which we go by) but wont let you enter daily..write to the sponsor of that sweepstakes .Thats means..womansworld, drumamg,guitarworld..etc..not SA..we only list the sweepstakes, we do not run them/monitor them/pick the winners, etc.

    Now, I have been a sweeper/editor here a very long time, and cannot remember making but maybe a few reports on any sweepstakes over the YEARS. Def not a everyday kinda thing. Use your best judgement please !

    TY so much in advance
    Lead Editor SA
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    I hear you loud and clear.
    Sweepers by nature are *always* looking for a free lunch, but if you value your time over your $$$, then upgrading to PLUS at less than a dime a day gives you the best bang for your $$$!

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    Thanks Amy. I was cracking up today thinking, I know I am gonna wind up winning something for sure with all the sweepstakes I check and enter successfully because peeps cannot find an entry form or the submit button. Much like those basketballs..what a hoot. Oh hey wait..I did ..I forgot..I won a book from some place.

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