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    Red face camel

    Tried and tried there bank won,t allow me to buy a gift card with my win What,s the point Even with the code plus the three digit code no joy HELP if anyone has had a problem please share your results

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    What type of gift card are you buying? Also, is there a charge for it? I've had no problem buying a digital gift card from amazon for the full balance of the card.

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    I have had no trouble, but I always just buy something from amazon, and it's always a dollar or two less.

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    Tried amazon and the bank that issues the camel mastercards would not honor it according to amazon I will try again and It,s a credit to my amazon account with a purchase of a amazon gift card thanks for all your help

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    If you're trying to buy an Amazon gift card, buy the card for $1 less than the value of the Camel e-card. That's what I have to do when I win. If you try dollar for dollar, Amazon will reject it every time.

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