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    Sweepstakes Plus new member

    Just wanted to throw out there that I'm happy to say I took the jump and am now a PLUS member. Can't wait to browse the new features!

    Thanks, SA!
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    That's great! I really like organizing my sweeps my way so I can prioritize, or group sweeps in ways that are important to me.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks! Now that there are some changes on the site, I actually have to familiarize myself with it. Besides videos, are there any threads that show how to use the new features? I also can't find where the Plus Member only sweeps are.

    Thanks again =)

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    Welcome aboard justiceserenity!!! I responded in your other thread:

    Sweepstakes Plus

    Quote Originally Posted by amyshulk View Post
    Here's the forum:
    Sweepstakes Plus Online Forum

    PLUS only sweeps? SA runs one in the listings:

    Sweepstakes Plus - Member Giveaway New

    Enter to Win $100 Paypal Cash from Sweepstakes Plus!
    Restrictions : 18+ Sweepstakes Plus Member | Limit : See Page for More Entries | Added : 04-25-14 | Expires : 05-18-2014 | Hits : 159 | Rules

    Entry Category : Blogs
    My {amyshulk's} referral links to active sweeps;

    NEW : 11/7 ends 11/17/14@8:59pm {1x rfl entry - link changes wkly} - Silver Bullion Weekly Giveaway #45

    1x per month: InternationalDelight - Member Delights Sweepstakes
    1x per month: SILK Monthly Member Giveaway:

    <> BING search - I average a $5 AMAZON every 2-3 weeks from doing 15 searches a day! <>
    <> VIZIO Fandemonium viziofanzone; rfl link:

    <> SWAGBUCKS - I average a $5 AMAZON every 4-6 weeks from doing 20 searches a day!

    <> iRazoo
    <> T-Mobile AmpedUp Rewards

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