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Thread: Becoming an adult....

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    Smile Becoming an adult....

    So I haven't posted on here for a while, I have been really busy, this website has changed so much. But I wanted to update all my old friends on my success in growing up. lol.

    So as you know I had a lot of traumatic things happen to me, and ended finally with my ugly divorce. Well the good news is me and my daughter are doing great. Through trial and error, we have persevered and here are the things we have accomplished.

    *Sept 2013 I will have held down my first part time job for a year working with Hud.
    *Feb 2013 Kailey and I moved out of my parents house and got our first apartment, though it is a one bedroom, we have made it work.
    *Kailey is going into 5th grade now, and decided she doesn't like sports anymore. She is super talented in art though, so she will be doing art classes and drama classes instead this year. We are hoping to put her in a Art magnet middle school next year.
    *I have decided to go back to college, and get a degree, so that will be hard but so worth it.
    *No love life yet, I decided to take a long break from dating, which has helped my self esteem soar. (Kailey likes this alot. lol)
    *I am still learning to cook, and overcome any other obstacles and silly hidden fears I have.
    *I am working on writing a book about my life.

    So what I learned, is when a person goes through so much trauma, they have an unrealistic expectation of life. They are just trying to cope each day, living in a survival mode, and at least for me, a selfish thought process. I had to really work on the trauma, to move on from it, and start working on myself. One of the biggest pluses was when I stopped dating, I was able to be alone with myself. At first it scared me, and disgusted me. But I started learning how to love myself, and work on the things I needed to improve on. Anyone can change.

    Well I just wanted to share that with all of ya'll. Even though I don't sweep much anymore, a lot of ya'll have a special place in my heart, because you have gotten me through some really rough times in my life. Hope you are all doing very well.

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    Thanks for sharing your story - sounds like you and your daughter are well on your way! Congratulations!

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    Going through a divorce and starting over is every bit as bad as being widowed. I am happy you have started to heal and have set goals for yourself. And remember, you miht "want" male companionship, but you don't "need" it to be happy and successful. God bless you.

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