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Thread: READ BEFORE POSTING in the Latest or New Sweepstakes

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    Cool READ BEFORE POSTING in the Latest or New Sweepstakes

    This forum is for posting new sweeps. If you are a site member sharing a promo, please do a search to ensure it isn't already listed.

    Please refrain from posting unless it pertains to the listing. Thank you & this looks good type comments, while appreciated, just create problems - please post in the comments once the promo is listed, ty!

    Quote Originally Posted by ppriebe1 View Post
    Please do not reply to posted sweeps here, as this removes a new sweep to another position, and I will remove your comments to let the sweeps go back to the original position. Please leave comments in the comment section available under any listing we have. This forum is just a heads up on sweeps I may be holding. Ty so much !
    Quote Originally Posted by ppriebe1 View Post
    Blog or comment type giveaways in the new sweep forum as the editors at SA do not post these .. We would like to see large sweeps that are not posted in the database. Blog Owners need to submit their giveaways using the submission form on the Home page.Canada and UK ONLY sweepstakes we limit also as we do not have a big audience for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppriebe1 View Post
    We keep our sweepstakes in a *holding tank* to review/ or approve them. This may take up to one whole day, more if a very busy time of the Month. We do NOT post all day long. We post in the morning/after approve. Sites that post reg will NOT see, until today if they did not make our cut of approx 200 sweeps a day. You can contact me..if you belive a sweep is NOT being submitted on a regular basis. TY VM. Pam

    If you are a sponsor/marketer, please do a search to ensure it isn't already listed, and then please read:

    Quote Originally Posted by amyshulk View Post
    Admin prefers you contact him directly to have your sweeps or contest(s) added to the site, rather than posting them in the forums.

    Sweepstakes Advantage Help

    Thank you

    At the top of this forum:

    Site Owners, Marketers must submit their Sweepstakes Here.

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