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    I am afraid that I have to agree with lidarkside – 100%. Nine years ago I made it a point to fly every chance I got to support the airports and my country after the tragedy. However, my support quickly morphed into disbelief.

    Fearsgirl you are now welcome to my seat on the plane. As an ex-law enforcement person, I can tell you that over 80% of the pat-downs I have seen, have been done incorrectly by untrained individuals. I still see this on the television coverage on the subject.

    They are not trained professionals. A pat-down should be a “pat-down;” most of the ones the TSA do, the agent quickly runs their hands up and down body parts. There is not methodical sectioning of the body – top-right / top-left; middle; bottom-right/ bottom left – it is not a pat-down.

    However, if you feel safer . . . . I guess that is good; but it is not a reality. Here is a clue – how many TSA agent have you seen pat down an individual’s hair. You have any idea how much you can hide in your hair?

    In the recent video of the shirtless eight-year-old boy; it shows how the TSA agent fails to use his reason, his brain, his training??? Why would you touch “pat down” a shirtless boy? Do you think he is hiding some under his skin? The agent should have visually scanned the boy’s upper body and finished his pat-down of the child’s lower body.

    I use to fly at least once a month – this year I have driven everywhere I need to go. I also skipped a race in Iowa because it was to far for me to drive. No one touches me and I can take what I want. On top of that it is cheaper! So that is my choice; but what a shame that as an American I have been made to feel that flying is now a punishment.

    Oh lastly, I won a trip to London last year. The security at Heathrow was so much different. The agents there were very kind and helpful. There were no lines, nor pat-downs. Last I heard nobody blew up the place.

    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. (John Heywood)

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    Also, if you check how the Israeli's, the most targeted by terrorists and having the safest airports in the world, do it check this out (no porn scans or molestations):

    Also, keep in mind the following facts:

    "And by "contradictory," here's some blockbuster news: Although the x-ray and metal detector rigmarole is mandatory for pilots and flight attendants, many other airport workers, including those with regular access to aircraft--to cabins, ...cockpits, galleys, and freight compartments--are exempt. That's correct. Uniformed pilots cannot carry butter knives onto an airplane, yet apron workers and contract ground support staff--cargo loaders, baggage handlers, fuelers, cabin cleaners, caterers--can, as a matter of routine, bypass TSA inspection entirely."

    ...and let's not forget that a pilot can simply crash the plane into the ground.

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    Just do what Isreal does. It seems to work fine for them. No one has the right to do this crazy stuff to me for just wanting to fly.

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