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Thread: Heads up to fellow sweepstake winners.

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    Heads up to fellow sweepstake winners.

    I really hate typing this, but its something to think about when you win trips out of the country. This just happen to a friend of mine less then a month ago. Her and her son went out of the country on vacation, and while they were there, her son was kidnapped , he was able to escape . He was very traumatized and don't remember a lot that happen. But when you are traveling don't be alone, and don't trust anyone. Like I said I really hate writing this, but its some thing to think about and be aware of. Just be safe and have fun.
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    Re: Heads up to fellow sweepstake winners.

    :cussing: What a traumatic experience for your friend and her son when it should have been a beautiful memory that they could share together. I am very hesitate to travel to some countries. I think your post serves as a great reminder that anytime you leave this country you must use more precautions than traveling stateside.
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    Re: Heads up to fellow sweepstake winners.

    just a wise thought in general to anyone travelling outside our country.

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