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Thread: Is it okay to post that?

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    Forum Expectations

    Since the forums are becoming more active and there are several new members here at SA, we thought it would be a good idea to have a conversation about what is and is not appropriate in the forums.

    First and foremost, this is a sweepstakes site. Although we do provide forums for some good humored fun, it is expected that that good humored fun be rated family friendly. Swearing, abusive remarks, sexual innuendo, and unwanted flirtatious behavior are examples of the type of posting that should not be made in any of the forums.

    We respect the differences of all our members. We also understand that at times, members may misinterpret something that is written in the forums. We encourage you to send a message the person making the post that has upset you and ask, in a conciliatory way, for an explanation. Many, many, many disputes can easily be resolved through communication. If you would like assistance in working on an issue with another member, feel free to ask for help from any of our moderators.

    The easiest way to have a wonderful relationship with the SA family is to be respectful of all, no matter what differences you have with topics or members.

    Finally, we ask that you be respectful of chocolate. It is a topic of great fondness here!

    We hope you make SA all you want it to be. Best of luck to all!


    It seemed like a good time to re-post Wolfie's words of wisdom.

    When deciding whether or not you should post something, pretend for a moment that SweepsAdvantage/SweepstakesPlus is a traditional storefront business. Would you walk through our doors and spit in the lobby? Would you attack another visitor? Would you loudly complain about the store you were standing in?

    Probably not.

    Our site expectations are posted in several different locations. Basically, we expect you to conduct yourself with civility. We want our site visitors to feel welcome in a friendly environment. Sorry, but you are not entitled to say and do whatever you want while you are visiting our establishment. Just like a restaurant can enforce their no smoking rule or a movie theatre can refuse to sell a ticket to minor hoping to watch an adult movie, we can enforce our own site rules.

    Will we edit or remove your post if you don't behave yourself? You betcha.

    Thank you, come again.

    ~edited by GSW 9/28/11

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    Re: Forum Expectations

    Upgrade to Sweepstakes Plus
    I'd like to add:

    SA is a privately held/run website. How SA chooses to maintain its' business does NOT infringe on a persons right to Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of Speech is a right we as Americans have. But it seems people are confused as to what it means.

    It's not the freedom to enter someone elses' property/home/website and post whatever you want to and to expect that it should be allowed to stand.

    Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship. FROM the government.

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