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Thread: Free Autofill - Panic Button

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    Free Autofill - Panic Button

    I have the free autofill. How do I disable - or fix - the panic button. I can't type anything with a Q in it on my computer (even in Microsoft Word) because of this.

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    : Free Autofill - Panic Button

    On the toolbar click Options, Autofill options & then click the "Panic" tab.

    Press the "Pick" button and then your key combination like Ctrl & Z
    or Shift & 1 . That will reset it. Make sure its a combo of 2 keys and not just 1.

    The Q is the default Panic button.

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    : Free Autofill - Panic Button

    Thanks soooo much. That really helped.

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    Re: Free Autofill - Panic Button

    why does everyone get the robo thing when all you haveto do is push you f10 button after every entry -then when you fill out another one its locked in everything is locked -
    F10 is a save button for ev. sablelulu hope this helps

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    Re: Free Autofill - Panic Button-F10 button

    Upgrade to Sweepstakes Plus
    Re: F10 button - so once you enter and hit F10, then go into another sweeps to fill, what do you press to have the information fill out the entry form?

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