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Thread: Doubt this being legit....

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    Doubt this being legit....

    Ok, so I got this email, saying that it was from Chevron and that I was 1 of 5 winners of $750,000. It showed to be from But the reply to email addy was That being said, its probably not legit, right? (That is a huge amount) I know this is stupid to even ask this, but I am still new enough that Im not sure about all the scams.....Any info please? :wave:

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    Re: Doubt this being legit....

    :wave: Sorry, but when you put Chevron $750,000 in a google search it will tell you it is an email scam. The scammers keep getting a little better at trying to fool us. Hope you get a real winning email soon.
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    Re: Doubt this being legit....

    Yeah, got that one too, today. It's totally a scam.

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