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    Focus Groups/Studies

    Has anyone else ever participated in a Focus Group or a Market Research study? I really enjoy participating in them in the Dallas area and wanted to know what others thought about them.


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    Re: Focus Groups/Studies

    I love Plaza Research and a few others, the money is always great:

    A Friend Found This List Somewhere On The Net


    20/20 Research

    Advanced Focus

    AC Nielsen's Homescan Consumer Panel

    Avery Advisors

    A La Carte Research, LLC • Focus Groups in New York City and Syosset, NY.

    Accurate Data Marketing, Inc. • Focus Groups in Glenview, IL.

    Alpha Buzz

    Advantage Research


    Ask Local~Focus Groups~Southern Cali

    American Consumer Opinion

    Acronis Beta Testing

    Assistance in Marketing~Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, LA, Hackensack & Morristown.

    AnswerNet MRC


    AC Nielsen Home Scan Panel

    Atkins Research Group Inc.

    Adler-Weiner Research • Focus Groups in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA.

    AOL Opinion Place

    ARG • Focus Groups in San Bernardino/Riverside, CA.

    Ask Miami Reseach • Focus Groups in Miami, FL.

    Advocate Advisory Panel

    African American Voice

    Boulder Focus Center • Focus Groups in Boulder, CO.

    Baker Street Solutions

    Big Fish Games ~ Computer Gaming Surveys & Research

    Brand Institute

    Beta Research Corporation

    Bolt (Teens & Young Adults)

    BeginSurvey Inc.

    Blarry House Research

    Bellwether Surveys


    BRX Research


    Cobbey & Associates

    CompuRx, Inc.

    Clear Voice Surveys

    Contractor Advisory Board®

    CQS Research

    Creatonomy Market Research Panel


    Clarion Web Panel

    Chasen Research

    Consumer Insights

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Consumer Research Centre~CA Only

    Comsumer Behavior Lab

    Clorox Advisors

    Chamberlain's Research Panels

    Cosmo Testers

    Consumer Product Testing Company~NJ Only

    Centercode Beta Testing

    Columbia University Virtual Laboratory

    Caregivers Advisory Panel(TCAP®)


    Consumer Logic, Inc. • Focus Groups in Tulsa, OK.

    Consumer Opinion Services, Inc. • Focus Groups in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Boise, Salt Lake City and Chicago.

    CQS Research, Inc. • Focus Groups in Houston, TX.

    Choozz Research Panel


    Digital Research Panel

    Digital Documents Advisory Panel

    Directive Analytics (sweeps only)

    Doggie Fun Product Testing Site

    Donow Research

    Drug Voice

    Delve • Focus Groups in Appleton, WI; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; Kansas City, MO; Los Angeles, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Seattle, WA; St. Louis, MO.

    Dunkin' Advisory Panel

    Dell Direct Response Research Panel

    Digital Research, Inc. • Online research is a specialty. Web surveys and moderated chats. (All North America)

    Datatelligence Online

    Draft N Drag


    Elite Opinion

    e-Rewards Survey Site



    Ecker & Associates • Focus Groups in San Francisco Bay/San Jose, CA

    Elliott Benson • Focus Groups in Sacramento, CA.


    Education Product Research

    El Monterey Product Testing

    Epinions Panel

    Education Research Project (Teachers Only)

    Experience Dynamics

    Essence volume

    Fieldwork Network • Focus Groups in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lee NJ, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Seattle, and Westchester County.

    Fleischman Field Research • Focus Groups in San Francisco, CA.

    Focus On Boston • Focus Groups in Boston, MA

    Focus On Miami • Focus Groups in Miami, FL.

    Focus Pointe • Focus Groups in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Manhattan, NJ, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

    Fairfield Research Panel


    FGI Research

    Food Lion Customer Panel

    Focus Scope • Marketing Research Services

    Franklin Foods Consumer Product Test Panel

    Globalnet panel

    Globalnet Panel

    Grace Market Research (GMR)

    Gamers Instinct

    General Mills Advisory Panel

    Good Housekeeping Reader Panel


    Golf Testing

    Gongos Research

    Gurl Polls

    Gaiam Customer Panel

    Giaheadquaters (girls)

    Greenfield • Paying people to fill out their surveys online.


    Great Opinions

    Goodman Research Group Panel

    Glamour Glamspotters

    Harris Poll

    HCD Research

    Hagin/Sinclair Market Research

    Harvard School of Business

    Hill Top Research

    Home of Research

    Home School Product Testers

    Hewlett-Packard Product Tests

    Human Interfaces Product Tests


    In-Stat Technology Adoption Panel

    i.think inc

    In Home Product Testing


    International Advisory Panel

    Illuminated Ink Product Tests

    Internet Poll

    Internet Survey Center

    Intuit Product Testing

    Informa Research


    InsightExpress' Opinion-Central (send e-mail request to join)

    JD Power Panel

    Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council

    Juicy Brains Panel

    Johnson & Johnson Panel



    Kashi Taste Tester Panel

    Light Speed Panel


    Long John Silver’s Research

    Look-Look Panel

    MediaTransfer AG

    Mars Research

    Mothers Know Best

    Maximum Research

    Microsoft PlayTest

    Microsoft Usability Test

    Morpace Market Research

    Music Research

    Market Reader Pro

    Marketview Research

    MedQuery (Patient Panel) (Medical Professionals Panel)

    MaCorr Web Panel

    Market Decisions Corporation




    My Opinion Now

    My SHC Community Panel (Kmart Sears)

    Modern Mom's Panel

    Mustel Group

    Nima Hunter Inc. Research Panels & Surveys

    Nielsen // NetRatings

    Neutrogena Online Panel

    Neilson/Net Ratings

    New Balance Wear Testers

    NDP Research


    NFO World Group

    Opinions Unlimted~TX Only

    One2One Network (Women 25-54 years old only)

    OpinionWorld Business

    Opinion Place

    Opinion Outpost

    Osterman Research

    Oral Care Product Tests

    Orman Guidance Research, Inc.

    Ozmoz Product Tests



    Open Minds Research Solutions

    Pentel New Product Panel

    Plaza Research

    Partnership Plus

    Precision Research

    Pragmatic Research • Internet surveys and in person focus groups in St. Louis, MO.

    Probe Market Research

    Panel Speak

    Product Testing Serivces

    Polling Point

    PVR Research

    Pringles National Advisory Panel



    Q Panelist

    Qualitative Insights

    Resolution Research aka Re-search

    Restaurant Poll

    Rush University Medical Center

    Rolling Stone Sounding Board

    Ruth Nelson Research~CO & AZ

    Reactions & Opinions Inc.

    Restaurant Insights

    Reward TV

    Specpan Market Research Firm

    Socratic Forum • The online division of Luth Research, a leader in market research for nearly 25 years.

    Smith Research

    Sensory Spectrum


    Survey Rx


    Silver Stork Research (Mothers Only)

    Stanford Behavioral Lab

    Synovate Consumer Opinion Panel


    Say Nation

    Survey Spot

    Survey Spree

    Shugoll Research

    Smart Mom Council

    SpectraCom Research

    Savitz Research Solutions

    Sprited Talk

    She Works

    Signature Research

    SurveySite Web Panel Surveys or focus groups (Age 16+)


    Song People

    Schlesinger & Associates Market Research

    Test Products "As Seen On TV"

    Thymes Fragrance Testing Panel

    The Group Brain Project (E-mail them asking for an add)

    Test Spin Survey

    The Business Research Lab • Various surveys and online mystery shops.

    Tragon Market Research


    Tremor (teens)

    Teamship US

    Test it for Cash~Limited locations

    Usability Sciences

    u30 & Garb Panel

    User Works .(Washington DC area)

    University Of Texas

    University Of Southern Cali

    USA Panel Survey Company

    USA Consumer Link

    Valued Opinions

    Vocal Point


    Vanderbilt Lab (I know that the security certificate says that this site could be dangerous but it is just fine)



    Wired Insights

    Weekly Reader Insider Surveys (Teens)

    Women's Marketing Advisory Panel

    WRatings Panel

    WR Insiders for Teachers

    Your 2 Cents

    Yale SOM Lab

    YouGov America

    Zoom Panel

    Zoom Panel Moms

    Zoe's Food Consumer Panel


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    Re: Focus Groups/Studies

    Wow, thank you for sharing that extensive list! I went to a focus study last year, it was a mock jury and they paid me $75 in cash, not to mention it was fun.

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    Re: Focus Groups/Studies

    Holy cow that is a huge list!!! I have a list of about 10 companies that I use on a regular basis. The extra money is soooo nice! I just recently did one at Schlesinger Associates, I must say that their offices are wonderful. Professional people, nice snack bar in the waiting room. They really seem to go the extra mile!

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    Re: Focus Groups/Studies

    I participate...I think its kind of fun...I get stuff to try every once in awhile like brownies...Today I recieved a box of peanut bars to try...LOL...but it is NOT that often free stuff gets sent to try...

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    Re: Focus Groups/Studies

    [color=orange]I signed up to be a New Balance Texter and UPS just delivered a brand new pair of shoes.

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    Re: Focus Groups/Studies

    Thank you so much for that list. I'm signed up for 2 places here in Tampa and always looking for more. I really enjoy when I'm chosen for the studies. For one of them that I did for a personal hygene project, we had to make a "collage" and take it with us. That was fun. I've also done the "mock jury" and was suppose to do one a few weeks ago but my driveway (which is dirt) was flooded and I couldnt get my car out. I had to cancel that one.

    I found the mock jury and one of the research companys under "gigs" on Craigslist. I check there at least once a week.

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    Re: Focus Groups/Studies

    They want the shoes back, that's the only thing I do not understand. What do they want with stinky shoes?

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    Re: Focus Groups/Studies

    Quote Originally Posted by missunder View Post
    They want the shoes back, that's the only thing I do not understand. What do they want with stinky shoes?
    lol wierd!! how long was the survey? I signed up but I guess I didn't get picked :cry:

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