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Thread: SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

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    SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

    I've compiled a short list for now and will keep adding to this thread.

    If you join a site or want feedback on a certain company, please start a separate thread titled

    FEEDBACK: (name of survey company).

    If we do it that way, we will be able to keep track of who's getting surveys or who's getting paid by a specific company . Sometimes a good company goes bad, so the feedback threads will keep us updated.

    Surveys That Pay
    Alaska and Hawaii excluded
    $10,000 Sweepstakes - Awarded several times a year
    Reward Points - Redeem for cash, raffle tickets or prizes/1,000 = $10
    U.S Canada and Europe
    Very reputable survey site.
    Pays quickly in cash.
    Referral program.
    U.S. Canada International
    I belong to this one. I do get alot of surveys but only the ones that get entered for cash drawings. I've never qualified for the longer ones that pays cash, amount varies.
    Mail checks within 4 weeks of close of surveys.
    U. S. Canada International
    Very interesting surverys!
    Pays out 4-8 after request for check.
    Earn points and redeem for cash 10 points = $1.00
    Minimum cash out $5.00
    U.S. and Canada only
    Popular survey site. Lots of positive feedback.
    Earn points and redeem for cash / 1 point = 5 cents.
    Surveys range anywhere from 5 to 1,000 points/ sometimes more.
    U. S Canada International
    I belong to this one. I receive alot of surveys but never qualified for the ones that pay cash. I qualify for the ones that get entered into the monthly drawings.
    Pays by check and payment is fast.
    U.S. and Canada
    I belong to this one. Sends alot of interesting surveys. Just did a 2000 point survey on new commercials. Points add up fast.
    Earn points and redeem for gift cards. 8000 points = $10 gift card.
    Every survey you complete earns entry for $500 monthly draw.
    U.S. and Canada
    Test products and do surveys.
    Get entry to quarterly drawing when you register.
    Four Grand Prize draws a year.
    You'll receive a "thank you" gift for each survey you complete.
    U.S. and Canada
    I just joined this one after reading alot of positive feedback.
    Pays $5.00 or more for each trailer survey.
    Pay options : Gift cards or by check.
    U.S. and Canada
    After reading alot of positive feedback, I joined this one. Have not done any surveys yet tho.
    Pays cash rewards or be entered in a cash sweepstakes draw.
    Pays thru PayPal.
    U.S and International

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    : SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

    New Health Panel

    The objective of Cure Pursuit and its panelists is to provide the life science research industry with the highest quality opinion possible. Together we will enable Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies to conduct survey based studies that drive strategic decisions about medical research direction and product development.

    While cash incentives are available for completed surveys, we also offer a highly unique incentive alternative in the form of pre-paid subscription access to a best of class next generation biomedical search engine.

    Join Now
    Receive compensation for taking online surveys directly related to your health condition.
    Provide feedback that drives the direction of medical research and product development.
    Participate in a highly secure environment that protects the privacy of your contact information .
    Become a member of a truly global panel. Our panelists currently represent 200 countries and 35 languages.

    If you choose to participate you will receive CurePursuit surveys in addition to regular GlobalTestMarket studies

    Weekly Reader INSIDERS invites anyone between the ages of 5 and 18 to become a member. If you are under 13 years old, we require parents' consent to register and receive prizes.

    Read lots of positive feedback on this one. Lots of surverys for kids to take and earn points, then redeem for GC's or merchadise.

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    : SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

    If you care about the quality, usability, and performance of the products and services you use, and would like to take an active role working with development teams bringing new products and services to market, become a New Product Evaluator and be eligible to participate in upcoming programs.

    Two primary commitments are required on your part: allocating time to actively use the product or service, and providing regular feedback about your experiences. Participation may vary per program. For example, evaluators may be required to provide feedback via the web, through surveys or telephone interviews.

    Participating in evaluation programs can be personally and professionally rewarding. By providing valuable feedback, you will be on the cutting edge of new products and have insight into the future of some of the most exciting companies in the world. VOConline does not provide direct compensation to evaluators, however, we encourage our customers to reward evaluators based on degree of participation.

    (Product Testers usually get to keep the products they test as compensation for their time .)

    Invitation to Apply for a Program
    An invitation to apply for a specific program will be sent to you based on the user profile you fill out and the number of evaluators needed. VOConline strives to meet our customers' target market profile. Please note, VOConline does not guarantee that you will be contacted to participate in a program. Final evaluator decisions are based on specific criteria set by our customers. Therefore, completely filling out the user profile with your correct information is crucial. Additionally, we ask that you kept it updated on a regular basis to insure current information is in our database.

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    : SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

    Here's the last of the list for now. I'll keep adding if I come across another good company, but this should be it for now.

    I didn't do a paragraph on each company this time. Check the FAQ page on each site to get the scoops. They all basically offer points, cash, products tested, or sweep draws. It would have taken me longer to get this list posted if I did each company like I did in the first post....hope you folks don't mind.

    Okay, get busy with sign ups... :mrgreen:


    Greenfield Online


    I'm adding Lightspeed as a good company. They were going thru changes the last couple of months, causing payment/point problems. They are back to normal now.


    Buzz Back

    Buzz Sponge


    Viewpoint Forum



    Technology Advisory Board

    Directive Analytics

    Socratic Forum


    Mindfield Online

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    : SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

    oh, oh.......I'm not perfect! :!:

    Mistake on a link in previous post. I have your2cents' link under the Buzz Back title. Here's the correct link for Buzz Back......

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    : SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

    We are a unique company. We have developed an approach to research that finds the core motivation behind the buying habits of your customers. It is a mystery why people act and buy the way they do, but we have developed a way to solve it... "we crack the consumer code."
    We have cracked the code in the following businesses:

    Salad Dressing
    Skin Care Products
    Gourmet Confections - Honey Nougat
    Cat Litter

    Baker St. Solutions is pleased to give you this opportunity to make your opinion count. Your voice will influence companies as they make important decisions about many of the products you currently use.

    By sharing your views as a member of the BSS panel you can earn money for participating in our product studies. Don’t worry, your personal information is safe with us. Read more about it in our Privacy Policy. We will only contact you when we have a research study that fits your description, and we do not sell our mailing list to anyone.

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    : SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

    The majority of surveys pay $3 to $5, but some pay more and others pay less.

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    : SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay
    Lots of good feedback from members.
    Pays through paypal or mail.
    Medical field workers receives lots of surveys.

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    : SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

    Quote Originally Posted by novacelesteOkay, here are the links to the survey sites I am signed up with. Remember, these are ones that will NOT sell your info, or send you spam!!

    20/20 Research

    AC Neilsen Homescan

    Adjoined Research

    Advisory Panel

    American Consumer Panel

    Amplitude Research

    Attitudes Across America

    Baker St. Solutions

    Begin Surveys

    Beta Research

    Brand Institute

    Brook Adams Research




    C2 consumer research

    Campbell Rinker

    click IQ

    Consumer Directions

    Consumer Link

    Consumer Opinions

    Consumer Pulse

    Data Intelligence Online

    Donow Research

    DRI online panel

    eGlobal panel


    etown panel

    FGI Smart Panel

    Focus Forward

    Q station

    Sage Research

    Savitz (Houston area only - sorry!)


    SpectraCom Research Panel

    Consumer ePanel

    Survey Direct

    i think

    JD Power Panel


    Kids Panel

    Kids Eyez

    Partnership Plus

    Pet Buddies

    Planet Panel

    Penn, Schoen & Berland

    National Family Opinion

    NPD Online Research

    Olay Expert Panel

    Opinion Outpost

    Survey Savvy

    Survey Spot




    Viewpoint Forum

    Zoom Panel

    Lighspeed Panel

    Greenfield Online

    Well, I hope I didn't miss any. I have some others that I belong to, but had to be invited. Give it a few months and you will get some invites too. I have my own "survey" address, as I do a "sweepstakes". Make sure you pay attention to the survey sites that will send you email invitations for survey, ones that ask you to logon to see if there are any surveys available and ones that do both. Have fun and good luck!!!
    Sweepers by nature are *always* looking for a free lunch, but if you value your time over your $$$, then upgrading to PLUS at less than a dime a day gives you the best bang for your $$$!

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    : SURVEYS ~ Companies That Pay

    YEAH more surveys!!! Thanks everyone.

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