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Thread: facebook sweeps not working

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    facebook sweeps not working

    some of my facebook IWs will not display the whole page, so I can't get to the enter button at bottom of form-- HELP

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    I know holding down the "CTRL" key and scrolling your mouse down makes the screen smaller, hope that works! (I have a mouse with a roller in the middle.) Also, if you are on a laptop you can take two fingers and put them on the touch pad and move them together or not together..

    Hope that works, I'm really clueless on the computer ! Not sure about a desktop if that's what you have...

    There's always the down arrow key.

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    johnsnook - Which ones render incorrectly? In IE or FF? If the page renders incorrectly on FB, you may need to update Adobe/browser or install a plugin if in FF


    ^^^For tabbing thru ;

    For tabbing thru ; Click on the page {in a field works best} then hit tab until it gets to the {drop down} field and try typing it in if robo/autofill don't work. Then {if it has a captcha} hit tab until it gets to the captcha code field, type it in, then hit tab to get to the enter button & hit ENTER on your keyboard. hth, gl!
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    well issue resolved, but I had to go to microsoft and pay for them to fix, I had some virus issues and reg issues, but it sucks when you buy a MS product and then have to pay them again to make the product work. I only got this laptop at the first of Jan

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    I had that problem to awhile back when I was using Firefox as my browser..I quit using that and switched over and started using Google Chrome and it took care of that problem. With Google Chrome I can see all of a FB page..

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