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Thread: Every2Minutes Codes & Gifted Points

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    Every2Minutes Codes & Gifted Points

    Looking for Mtn Dew & Doritos Codes and "Gifted" Points. I have lots to trade for them. Thanks

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    i have 13,000 its left after my win

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    emilaw89 do you still have your points we are trying to get a couple things out of the market place

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    Exclamation I have 24150 points so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by emilaw89 View Post
    i have 13,000 its left after my win
    Hello, I have been collecting ever since this contest began, and I have currently amassed 34150 points. I need a few k more and then I will be able to win an auction. Would you be willing to help me out? I will respond ASAP! Thank you for your time!

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