I thought it would be a good idea to post gosweepwin's post about site etiquette here.

[QUOTE=gosweepwinGood morning Sweepers! As we start a new month of winning, I just wanted to take a moment to address what has been a hot topic lately - site etiquette.

Here at SA, we encourage you to make the most of the site and participate in the Forum discussions. Assume that the people you are talking with are like coworkers with whom you have a comfortable relationship. We like to keep it friendly!

Please, feel free to talk about sweeping, offer sweep hints, make site suggestions, ask for help, post your wins, congratulate other winners, tell us if you discover a new sweep, chat with other sweepers, ask for help with voting contests, encourage others, and so on. You can talk as much as you want, offer unlimited suggestions, and express differing viewpoints. As long as posts are appropriate and respectful of others, no problem!

For most of us, this seems pretty obvious.

Sometimes, however, someone will show up and post things designed to agitate our members. Although it's fine to disagree with someone, what we don't want to see is an attack. You will not be welcome here if you abuse our members, post nasty or libelous comments about our Administrator, or make derogatory remarks about SA. If you want to trade insults about the site, take it elsewhere. Also, please think twice before posting negative remarks about any of the contest sponsors, or competing websites.

We want to keep SA fun and lively. Our members are a great bunch of people who make SA a pleasure to visit! Thanks, everyone, for being an important part of a wonderful online community. Now, go win something![/QUOTE]

In addition to the above, SA's administration asks that you refrain from using language that others may find offensive. Substituting characters for letters in an unacceptable word does not make the word acceptable. There are many acceptable words you can choose from that will keep the SA forums family friendly. Be advised, SA mods will modify any post they find in violation of SA policies.

Thank you for your understanding.