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Thread: spa gift certificates?

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    spa gift certificates?

    Is there somewhere that I can find out where these, spa certificates , are accepted? I don't enter contest for these because I don't know if I could use them and I don't want to take it from someone who can. But if there is somewhere close I could use it woud loooove to win one . :sunny:

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    Re: spa gift certificates?

    SpaFinder gift certificates (which are commonly the ones given away)....the website is They are often redeemable at hair salons that have some spa services and I've been able to redeem them for a haircut instead. I'm weird and I don't like massages from strangers or things like that!

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    Re: spa gift certificates?

    I have won certificates for and Those are the only two I know of.

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    Re: spa gift certificates?

    thank you so much ! i could use the spafinder some places that accept are only 30min from me :sunny: but none close from spaddict. I have been to a spa once and had a hot rock massage and a parafine facial and the massage did kinda wierd me out but the facials are to die for!!!
    thnks for the help!!

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