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Thread: Changing Phone # When you win a prize

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    Changing Phone # When you win a prize

    My number changed since I first entered the Morton Salt Contest. This morning I finally uncovered 3 of the girls and got the winning message. But it also said they would call me at phone number when I registered and give me a code to claim my prize and tell me prize I won.

    I went in on help part and submitted my new number. Said email and physical address has to be the same as reqistered with, but no mention about the phone number having to be the same. Has anyone had any luck with a problem like this.

    Sure hope I don't miss out on my prize.

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    Promo is run on FB so I'd suggest you ask them on their wall, gl & let us know
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    Thanks Amy, I went into face book and left a note. Hope it works out. Will let you know. Now with retired just use my cell #.

    They got in touch with me. I did post my win over on the winners part, but putting here so if others runs into the same problem will have info needed to claim their prize. Don't know if the note I sent from the contest site, or the one of facebook did the trick. But something sure worked. Thanks for your help.

    I won the little Morton Salt 100 Years Game this morning. Finally found 3 of those girls. I got the confimation #, but they had the wrong phone #. Have cell # now. They were suppose to use that to send my Val. #. So I contacted them and give new phone #. Got email and they give me directions to claim my prize.

    I'm double grateful for this win. Morton a great company and know I'll enjoy spending my g/c.

    Thanks for claiming your prize.

    You have won $120 Birchbox Gift Card.*

    A confirmation email will also be sent to you.
    Your prize will be sent via the U.S. postal service to the address you provided when
    registering. Please allow 4-6 weeks for verification and shipment of your prize.
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