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Thread: Spam Alert!

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    Spam Alert!

    Sweepstakes Advantage will never intentionally post a spammer site. If you discover a suspicious site, please use the Feedback form to contact the Admin directly. Here's a link:

    Please do not post your suspicions in the forum. The Admin has resources to investigate possible spam sites and will research any reports that come in as soon as they are received. If a spammer is discovered, that listing will be removed from SA.

    Because we respect the sponsors, we do not want to accuse anyone of being a spammer until we have had a chance to investigate. Sponsors do check out the sweep sites, and if they see themselves falsely listed as spammers, they get upset.

    SA is committed to running the best sweeps site on the web. All reports will be thoroughly investigated to preserve the integrity of SA and the sponsor sites, and to provide you with the best listings possible. Thank you!

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    : Spam Alert!

    TY gsw 8)
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    Re: Spam Alert!

    I have found several sites to forward phishing emails to so they can be investigated. I use both the FTC and IRS sites.
    I think other sweepers would be glad to know how to do this without opening them and would appreciate some sites and instructions. I am no expert so I won't post what I do, but some expert advice on the site would be appreciated.

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