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Thread: April's Fools - not a win - Bluebird book club

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    Re: April's Fools - not a win - Bluebird book club

    On Facebook it was a joke, but on the sorry email is was a glitch. Sorry, but it can not be both.

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    Re: $100 Amazon gift card - Bluebird Book Club

    Here is the body of the email apologizing for the notification:

    April's Fool's Day joke on all of us.

    Hi there,

    You may have accidentally received an email from us regarding our March winner notification entitled "Congrats!!!!! You've Won......" today. Our server had a glitch this morning, and sent the email to all Bluebird Book Club subscribers, so please disregard that original email.

    We are very sorry for the mixup - we hope you'll forgive us, and this bad April Fools' glitch. The real winner (id######[email protected]) has already been notified.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out by replying to this email.

    Again we apologize for any inconvenience. We hope you have an awesome day. And thank you for participating in our monthly contest.

    Bluebird Book Club

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    Re: $100 Amazon gift card - Bluebird Book Club

    Which is it? Joke or glitch? Their FB post originally said joke but they edited it to say glitch. Probably because one is covered by their contest rules and the other isn't. Still a classless move by a classless company.

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    Re: April's Fools - not a win - Bluebird book club

    People captured screenshots of them editing their original post. The poop hit the fan over there and people are angry.

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    Re: April's Fools - not a win - Bluebird book club

    I’m So glad I searched this company on here. I have been emailing them for a week because I thought I was a winner. I know I entered this contest because I checked my past entries—everything looked legit. The email I received looked real with a link to comment on Facebook.
    This is a horrible prank if that’s what it is! I can really use the $!
    I never received anything else from the company—no apology email, nothing.
    I agree with previous comments, this is mean and enters into the fraud category. I will never enter one of their “sweeps” again if they think this is funny.
    Thanks for letting me know everything (I barely know how to work Facebook, so I never saw the comments).

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