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    more stress

    i am trying to stay positive about everything.i struggle with my health every i got elected to be the family spokes person to talk and set up everything that my 70 year dad needs to travel to Springfield to have open heart surgery next daddy and his wife who i call my other mother moved up here 2 1/2 years ago and neither one is able to know what resources there are.because of my dads other disability it is going to be very hard to find someone to take care of him while he recovers.he has a rare hearing disease where any noise hurts his head even with ear muffs on.since he cant understand what is being said.i am the it person to set every thing up and over see his 3 other drs care.i very gently talked to him about not driving while he was recovering and guess what?he gave it up now on his own.also i am dealing with guilt from the pressure of other people that think i should do more and because of major phobias i am unable to travel that far with other mother does not drive and neither do i so i have to arrange someone to do that also.i am having have to pay for his expenses for that also.they have no money after main bills.i have an appointment with the state agency to see if they can take some of the pressure off 25 year son who has been taking care of me is looking for a full time job before his time is other house guest is disable and does not understand or is able to take care of paperwork so i am in the middle of signing him up for social security.i have so much on my plate i think i am strectch too thinbut i will make the most of it.thank you for listening to my complaints.yes when i am able sweeping does take my mind off my problems for a while.i love to read about other peoples wins. kandy

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    Oh, Kandy! You really are overextended. Many of us are facing similar situations with aging parents. I hope your relatives will help and not leave it all to you as family spokesperson...there is plenty to share. Bless you, you are doing so much!

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