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Thread: OnTheHouse The American Standard Walk-in Tub Giveaway

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    OnTheHouse The American Standard Walk-in Tub Giveaway

    My wife entered me for the American Standard Walk-in Tub Giveaway that ended on April 24th. On the Carey Brothers Radio Show "On The House" on May 19th, we were called by James Carey and told we were one of 3 finalists for the Walk-in Tub. If you go to and on the right side of the page there are the audio show recordings. scroll down till you get to On The House:May 19, 2018 and go to the 22 minute mark and it will start shortly after that time with our call. After we talk Doreen Kilgore from American Standard comes online and talks about the tub. She then proceeds to stun us as she says that we won the Walk-in Tub!! It will be installed the week of June 18th and I will post pictures when finished. So the Walk-in Tub includes installation is valued at $17,500 and because my wife Suzanne entered me to win it, she gets a $500 Visa gift card!! Total Value..... $18,000.00!!! First win as a Sweepstake Advantage Pro after joining and entering for about a year! Thank You Sweepstakes Advantage for listing all these giveaways!!! You ROCK!!!!!

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    Congratulations on your Win!

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    Congratulations! I could use a prize like that. Enjoy!

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