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Thread: Common Sense Security

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    Common Sense Security

    I don't often post on message boards, but feel compelled to after a certain incident that occurred from a different sweepsite (that will remain nameless) and as a result of an unscrupulous webmaster using user login information to access a closed forum to use the posts there against the members. Most of us can be guilty of being a little lax when it comes to login passwords. My advice is to use a different password for a login (i.e. returning sweepstakes at registered websites) then you use for you email accounts,ebay accounts,paypal accounts etc. Case in point,this member registered with MSN with the same email address used for this other sweepsite and used the password that they used for their email address as a login password. The webmaster then used the email provided by this person and login to access their msn member account and from there was able to enter a closed members-only group where he then copied all of the posts we made that were critical of his practices and website and used them to block access to over 10 members of this msn group.Now I don't think he realized the can of worms he opened with his actions as MSN abuse has been very helpful and forthcoming with the server logs and back-trace information and has helped with reporting his actions to the federal internet crimes division, however if a person were to get access to you login information for paypal or online banking, then the damage could be done long before you'd even know you'd been ripped of and much too late to be able to take legal actions. In short, every user should be aware that the crooks will always have the upper hand against the unwary.
    P.S. I respectfully request the admin makes this one a "sticky"

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    : Common Sense Security

    I see your point about the passwords. Its definitely good practice to change your password regularly and never use the same one twice.

    Just FYI. If you also use Roboform you can use a Master Password that will protect all your roboform passcards.

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    : Common Sense Security

    Might I also add, if you use Roboform, it is easy to have secure passwords!
    click the "generate" button and it will give you a random mix of numbers and letters for a password, then click "save" and it will save the information to a passcard, so the next time you go to the website, you will not have to figure out the password!
    as well as doing what Redman pointed out and Password protect your Robo from unauthorized use!

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    : Common Sense Security

    Excellent advice, oldhippy68. I am always stunned at how unscrupulous some people can be. Although the Admin here is too much of a gentleman to say anything negative, I'm sure he was appalled at the conduct of the other site's webmaster. The community here at SA is very supportive and welcoming. And honest. We don't have the rambling discussions that enliven some other sites, but if you like free access to a ton of great sweeps and friendly chat about those sweeps, please consider SA your new home. Now, go win something!

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    : Common Sense Security

    Good advice Old Hippy and great to see you here. I have had a second attack on my MSN account today and thanks to your suggestions, have changed my passwords and made everything more secure!

    Thanks again for the great info.

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    Re: : Common Sense Security

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfinsheepsclothingGood advice Old Hippy and great to see you here. [b
    I have had a second attack on my MSN account today[/b] and thanks to your suggestions, have changed my passwords and made everything more secure!

    Thanks again for the great info.
    Who is so low that they would do that??? How very SAD :roll:

    amy 8)
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    : Common Sense Security

    I have reported it to MSN to have it criminally investigated. It really is scary how little security a person has. Just protect yourselves!

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    : Common Sense Security

    New Worm attack expected for tomorrow! Please be aware!

    Go to this web page:

    on your far right, under the heading "MORE NEWS" Look for this

    • Interactive: Friday is D-day for worm threat

    This is copywrited info so I cannot C & P everything this article says. I'm just posting the directions to the info as a heads up. There is supposed to be a hard-drive killing Worm to be released tomorrow that attacks through your e-mails.

    As Sweepers, we all look for anything that looks like a win in our subject line don't we? Be carefull out there tomorrow! CNN offers a good primer on what to look for. Please read this to protect your computer and your hobby.

    Yours in Sweeping! Cahaba Lily

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    : Common Sense Security

    Thanks Lily. I appreciate the heads up.

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    : Common Sense Security

    Thanks for all the good advise oldhippy. Thanks for the info on the worm Lily. That is always a good thing to know in advance. We wouldn't want to miss sweeping because of a worm.

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