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Welcome to SA/SP {SA; SP;} and the wonderful hobby of sweepstaking where our members are a great bunch of people who make SA/SP a pleasure to visit!
The family friendly Forums are where we enjoy talking about sweeping, offering sweep hints, making site suggestions, asking for help, posting wins, and of course congratulating other winners.

Please DON'T: The forum is not a place to say bad things about people, SA/SP, competing sites, or sponsors.
Members who do this will be banned.

As much as possible, we try to maintain a positive, supportive environment at SA. We want to keep SA fun and lively.
Thanks for being an important part of a wonderful online community.

Email Address TIP:
Before starting to sweep, set up an email address for sweeping purposes since a lot of big sponsors will ask you to use that addy [email address]/password for each new promo they run. I use my ISP's addy, and have a Hotmail as an alternate to share for referral purposes. Another option? Use one of the free accounts, from gmail, hotmail,, and yahoo.

Use SA correctly. You need to click the links and fill out the entry forms to enter. SweepsCheck is a great tool, but checking it off does not enter you in the sweepstakes.

Comments TIP;
SA/SP is a sweeps *listing* service & The COMMENTS feature is *NOT* for entering OR for win notifications {you must click the entry link {The title/name of the sweeps} and fill out/submit their form to enter} the COMMENTS feature under each listing is for things pertaining to the listed sweeps like sharing tips/trivia/etc. and for helping our fellow sweepers out when they have a question pertaining to the rules.

Sub-Forums where various stickied threads may already have the answers you seek that may help with the learning curve;
Forum: Newbies
Forum: Questions & Answers
Forum: General Sweepstakes Talk

Please tell us if you discover a new sweep:

Forum: Latest or New Sweepstakes

Stickied threads to get you started:
Thread: YOU WON You are a WINNER - New to SA? PLEASE READ before posting a win;
Thread: Top 10 Signs that Your Win is Really a Sweepstakes Scam ;
Thread: How to use the *TOOLS* to get the most out of SA Features

And while you wait for that sweet rush from winning please read
The Sweeper's Credo:
Enter and forget it.
Always be happy for those who win - even when they win "your" prize - and be positive you will win.
Sweeping is a hobby that is all about timing. Especially for those elusive instants! IF you enter at the exact right moment, you will win.
If not? Sad to say you won't. But I assure you - it's nothing personal, and those who win a lot don't have any "secrets" - they are just consistent, persistent, and patient.
I really believe that if you go into it thinking you can't win, well, you'll MAKE yourself right so often you'll start believing it!
I truly do believe you have to have a positive attitude - don't get hung up on what others are doing - just focus on entering, then move on to something else - like posting so we can get to know you!
So hang in there - and enter, enter, enter - and you'll be posting a win before you know it!!! And remember - every day brings new opportunities to win!
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Yup - I was on a board where calling people out/reading "between the lines" to the absolute worst interpretation of someone's words was commonplace/seemingly encouraged & it was NOT fun nor informative!

I *much* prefer how [the majority of] SA/SPer's interact here!

Thank you Amy. No one is perfect, yet we can all strive to be kind to each other.