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How can I tell if my winning notice is real?

Solution Here are some things to look for when you are trying to determine whether or not your winning notice is real:

* Did you enter the sweepstakes that you 'won'? If you didn't enter the Euromillions lottery, you did not win it. Despite what the notice may say, there is no organization that enters your name for you.

* Can you find the listing in our database or expired database?

* Does the notice ask you to send money to release your prize? A real win will never ask you to pay to claim a prize.

* Does the notice ask for your social security number (SSN), bank number, or credit card? Never share this information - only scammers ask for these things.

* Look at the URL. Did the notice actually come from the sponsor or a prizing agency like ePrize? A real sponsor will not use a web based email account like to send you a million dollar prize.

* If you still aren't sure, you might want to visit our Forum and ask for assistance. Our members are very helpful!
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