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Recent Sweepstakes Winners... Recent Sweepstakes Winners Sweepstakes Winners know entering sweepstakes is fun, but the real fun is winning, right?! Just like the lottery, when you enter, you get a chance to dream about what you’ll do with the prize or who you’ll take with you if you win that big trip. The power of those daydreams keeps you entering again and again. When you win, you join a special group! The sweepstakes winners who entered through our site are announced in our winner’s circle. We’d like to take a few minutes to give them their time in the spotlight here.   Progressive
Twitter Sweepstakes and Contests... Twitter Sweepstakes & Contests Happening Right Now Twitter users love sharing about their day in quick blurbs. You can do a lot with 140 characters. It’s where the in-touch people find information by searching for hashtags. Businesses use Twitter to promote their products, services, connect with similar or related businesses and connect with their loyal fans. It’s also a popular place for businesses to share fun and exciting information about their products or services. One type of post that’s popular on Twitter is Twitter Contests. Entering is easy! All you need is a Twitter account set to public and the