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Twitter Sweepstakes and Contests... Twitter Sweepstakes & Contests Happening Right Now Twitter users love sharing about their day in quick blurbs. You can do a lot with 140 characters. It’s where the in-touch people find information by searching for hashtags. Businesses use Twitter to promote their products, services, connect with similar or related businesses and connect with their loyal fans. It’s also a popular place for businesses to share fun and exciting information about their products or services. One type of post that’s popular on Twitter is Twitter Contests. Entering is easy! All you need is a Twitter account set to public and the
Facebook Sweepstakes and Contests... Facebook Sweepstakes & Contests You’ll Like  Facebook Sweepstakes and contests are one of the most popular social media outlets in the world. It brings together people and businesses from around the globe. This makes it a great place for companies to run contests. Easy entry forms and an interface you’re comfortable using are just two of the reasons to enter Facebook Sweepstakes. The huge variety of prizes to be had includes everything from pet products to items for outdoor fun and much more. Check out some of the Facebook contests going on right now. And good luck!   PremioFoods {Facebook}