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Honey Nut Cheerios Good Rewards Program Sweepstakes and Instant Win from General Mills invites you to join either "Team Rob Gronkowski,” “Team Michael B. Jordan,” or “Team Lucy Hale”

EITHER [Up to 3xpp/day] obtain BUZZCOIN via PURCHASE/Scan [Scan a BUZZCOIN symbol on the back of your cereal box Then click on the “Scan BUZZCOIN” button on the Website and and take a picture of the BUZZCOIN symbol]

OR [Up to 3xpp/day] obtain BUZZCOIN via Online AMOE link [ beegoodrewards.com ]

Once the amount of BUZZCOIN appears on screen, click on the “DONATE IT TO MY TEAM” to donate your BUZZCOIN to your team.

The Team with the most BUZZCOIN will receive a $100,000 donation from the Sponsor to the pre-determined Charitable Organization. The Team with the second most BUZZCOIN will receive a $50,000 donation. The Team with the least amount of BUZZCOIN will receive a $25,000 donation.

TO Enter to win Sweepstakes Grand {GP} Prize {1-1ppp} : $10,000 check and a $10,000 donation will be made to the charity selected by winner. ARV: $10,000.

TO Enter to win Instant {IW} Win Tier [1-3] Prizes {22,610-1ppp/Tier} ;

Tier 1 IW Prizes {110-1ppp} ;

IW Prize {5} ; Xbox One X. ARV: $500

IW Prize {5} ; Kindle Fire HD10 64GB. ARV: $429

IW Prize {100} ; $50 Amazon.com Gift Card. ARV: $50

Tier 2 IW Game Prizes {2,500-1ppp} ;

IW Prize {1,000} ; $10 Xbox Gift Code. ARV: $10

IW Prize {1,000} ; $10 Atom Movie Ticket Code. ARV: $10

IW Prize {500} ; Popsocket. ARV: $10

Tier 3 IW Game Prizes {20,000-1ppp} ;

IW Prize {7,500} ; $5 Amazon.com Gift. ARV: $5

IW Prize {7,500} ; 5 Digital Music Gift Code. ARV: $5

IW Prize {500} ; Sheet of Temporary Tattoos. ARV: $3

LIMIT: Each entrant may receive up to (3) Sweepstakes entries and (3) Instant Win Game plays per day during the Promotion Period.

LIMIT: (1) Sweepstakes prize; (1) Tier 1 Instant Win Game prize; (1) Tier 2 Instant Win Game prize; and (1) Tier 3 Instant Win Game prize per person.

Restrictions: 7+ US, DC
Limit: 3 Per Person / Per Day
Added: 09-21-2018
Expires: 04-15-2019 11:59 PM EST
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