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Enter to Win In Defense of Troy: The Prince's Ascent by Henry C.G. Cropsey. The Trojan War is in its eighth year. Sarpedon King of Lykia and Troy’s greatest ally has led its defense from the very onset as Priam, the King, is too old to fight and his eldest son Hektor too young and inexperienced. Together the brave Sarpedon and the wily Priam have forged a motley alliance of neighboring kings and tribes into an army capable of holding its own against the overwhelming might of Agamemnon’s armada. The result is a stalemate. With no end in sight the Trojan people grow weary and a peace party led by Antenor, a Trojan Elder and Priam’s rival for the throne, is gaining support. Hektor, grown confident in his abilities and seeking to cement his position as heir apparent, yearns to break the impasse and in so doing prove himself. The City’s defense, for so long precariously balanced on the combined skills of Priam and Sarpedon, is in jeopardy.

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