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Thread: How many hours do you sweep ?

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    How many hours do you sweep ?

    I'm curious about how many hours other people are sweeping every day. I am self employed so I dont work that often and I have a lot of freedom and time to be home so I sweep a lot. I started maybe six months ago and recently I have gotten a lot more dedicated. I have been sweeping maybe about 5 hours minimum per day. How many hours do you guys sweep ?

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    Junior Member missashoe's Avatar

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    Feb 2013
    Cape Coral, Florida
    4 hours or more a day... it can be addicting, especially the fun instant win games or if you get on a winning streak

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    Sweepstakes Plus Member zwriter's Avatar

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    Not as much as I use to 'cos I got 2 full-time jobs.
    I try 2 hours in the am and 1 hour after dinner.

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    It is addicting, I'm lucky, I can do it at work..............I do about 2-3 hours a day during the week, weekends I'm mostly just checking my contest email

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    I was slacking for several months, but, got my mojo back recently. I spend 3-4 hours a day. I use Sweepstakes Ninja and only recently got the hang of using the custom tools on SA. As a Plus member, I should have been paying more attention than I was. It really helps trim down the "crap" and lets me focus on what I really want to win.

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    I can only do 1 -2 hrs per day, but enjoy every minute!

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    Sweepstakes Plus Member amyshulk's Avatar

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    When I first started, I went for quantity over quality, trying to get *any* win. As a disabled SAHM with a grown son, I'm online and can enter all day if I choose!

    Years later, I now focus more on quality, and I have to *really* want the prize(s) to do more than just login to enter!

    Plus, I have a fast computer, and the paid version of RoboForm, so I can enter fairly quickly.
    Sweepers by nature are *always* looking for a free lunch, but if you value your time over your $$$, then upgrading to PLUS at less than a dime a day gives you the best bang for your $$$!

    Haven't tried SwagBucks yet? Please use my referral link

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    Hey all, The amount of time I sweep per day varies, but I've been slacking lately with it doing about one hour.
    Although I did make a Google spreadsheet to keep track of my entries, lol, better use it
    I know.
    I don't know what I would do without sweepstaking though, can't imagine!

    *I don't know about anyone else but I don't feel successful about my sweeping-day unless
    I try to sweep MORE than 3 hours haha yes! Anything to get that elusive win really.

    I don't enter for anything I can't use otherwise I'd sit at the computer every minute of every day.
    I don't enter for trips either.

    I have a form filler and a good computer luckily so all I lack is (sometimes) the patience and
    even (effort). It does take effort in my book.I have alot of time and not too many commitments
    so it's just about firing up the 'ole computer to enter.

    I'm soo grateful for SA, the- BEST!!!

    Entering contests is a great hobby.

    ~*~*~*~*~GO FOR IT*~*~*~*~*

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    Senior Member desertdance's Avatar

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    Been away for a year due to a move and remodel. First day back. Spent all day! Entered all the one entry offers. Tomorrow, I will sort through the dailys. When you move you get rid of stuff! I do NOT want to win stuff! I only want to win quality. So bye bye to all the make-up and guitars! Hello to trips, Cash, and things that have true meaning.

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    I am retired, so I spend about 2-3 hours per day sweeping. It would really go a LOT faster if I would just turn off the danged TV and pay full attention to what I'm doing on the computer...

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