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Thread: No Yahoo Mail Access for over 24 hours

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    No Yahoo Mail Access for over 24 hours

    Anyone else experiencing this? Always wondering if there is a win waiting for me!

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    I use yahoo as 2nd email, went and checked, my worked just fine.

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    No problems with mine. I use it for my contests entries, so go there a few times each day to clear out junk mail.

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    I can access Yahoo mail but I do keep getting an error message that they are experiencing random technical difficulties.

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    I couldn't access my email last night or this morning. I also had a scrolling problem so I was pretty much out of business. However, in clicking around in desperation, I accidentally got it back. I think they probably fixed it right then instead of me doing something that worked. GL

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    I keep getting an message saying my mail can't be accessed but if I click on mail it comes up. Hope you get back up and running soon.

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    mine has been working ok

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    Try using google chrome or firefox, I had to switch to a different browser, was having the same problem.

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    I have had a lot of problems with Yahoo e-mail lately. Since they switched the format and styles of e-mail. It worked better for a few days at a time then didn,t. Did the updates that I could do and that did not help. Then haven't been able to access mail at all for a week or so. Have switched to g-mail as primary.

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    I have encountered multiple problems with Yahoo since the switch..scrolling, accessing..even my settings had been changed from my original Yahoo. *sigh* I use gmail as a backup.

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