I just thought I'd mention that at the end of April I got an e-mail saying that I'd won 2nd prize in the Hell's Kitchen Contest and it was a Nintendo DS loaded with the Hell's Kitchen Game and to respond within 72 hrs.
Unfortunately I did not find the e-mail for about 2 months as my e-mail is compromised;I did not receive a phone call. I remembered I was so excited when I entered and thought it a perfect prize for me as I really like to create recipes. So, I sent an e-mail explaining the situation with a copy to Fox--they replied the next day that they would forward to the show reps but I never even got an answer. :cry:so disappointed. I guess the spam situation explains why I don't seem to win much after more than a year! I'm considering dropping out as I have dial-up (rural area) and it takes me a long time to enter the contests. However, I'm constantly amazed how many people seem to win often and wish everyone the best of Luck!!!