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Thread: Avatar Movie

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    Avatar Movie

    Any members here seen this movie yet?? If so what was your take on it??

    We went to see it this past weekend (used tickets I won from the coke game) anyway....At the end of the movie I heard sniffling...looked over and my old man was sitting there crying :scratch:

    What a sap!!! I asked him why he was crying and he said it reminded him of what the Indian Nations went thru....

    My personal opinion of the movie is that is was ok/colorful

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    Re: Avatar Movie

    i thought it was fantastic....

    i seen it in 3d .... it was the BEST 3d movie i have ever seen....

    it had a lesson also about the way nature should be treated and respected... i thought it was a hit....

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    Re: Avatar Movie

    We saw it recently in 3D and really enjoyed it. Of course, we don't go to the theater much - prefer Netflix & Roku, and I havn't seen 3D since the 50's (does anybody else remember "Creature from the Black Lagoon" in 3D?).
    That being said, we thought it was the most visually exciting movie we had ever seen!
    The story, although not new, was well done with a good positive message.

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    Re: Avatar Movie

    I enjoyed the movie.

    Now every movie that comes out seems to be in 3-D due success of Avatar. Also heard some movie theaters increased their price for a 3-D ticket.

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