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    I'm a big fan of 24 and a little upset it is going off the air because they want to end the show on a "high/good" note. I can kind of understand them wanting to go off the air with high ratings. They are even talking about making a 24 movie. Anyone else a fan of 24 and disappointed it is going off the air after this season?

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    I could watch Jack Bauer work every single day if they wanted to play it every day. I do have to admit there are only so many times, though, that a CTU person can be the informant....

    I think a movie would be great. How would they do it though? It would be a really really long movie....

    But again, if Keifer Sutherland wants to stand up there and be cool and save the world, I will watch him every time. Especially if Chloe is by his side!

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