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Thread: TLC Sweeping show!

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    TLC Sweeping show!

    ummm I don't know if I am mad or happy to see a show on TLC about how to sweep. LOL Just caught the show tonight. I am pretty sure at the beginning there will be an up in people entering but once they realize that it takes time to enter and wins are not always quick they will give up. :laughing: takes a special breed to enter like we do :laughing:

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    Re: TLC Sweeping show!

    We had a member asked to audition for it:
    Sweepers by nature are *always* looking for a free lunch, but if you value your time over your $$$, then upgrading to PLUS at less than a dime a day gives you the best bang for your $$$!

    Haven't tried SwagBucks yet? Please use my referral link

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    Re: TLC Sweeping show!

    Just wanted to welcome any new members from the TLC High Stakes Sweepers show to Sweepstakes Advantage and Sweepstakes Plus.

    Here is the new members help video and links.

    Sweepstakes Advantage was started in 1997 helping people win prizes.

    My wife Diane started winning prizes back then and led to the creation of this site.

    We provide a good mixture of sweepstakes and have a team of editors adding new sweepstakes daily for our members.

    Our community of members are really nice people who help each other all the time.

    Good Luck to Everyone! :headbang:

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    Re: TLC Sweeping show!

    :sunny: I think it's a great way for our family and friends to see that the prizes don't just show up without work on our end. Sweeping always reminds me of the old Little Red Hen story where she asks everyone "Who will help me plant the wheat? cut the wheat? thrash the wheat? mill the wheat? bake the bread" Everyone says "Not I" until the bread is made that they all have their hands out.

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    Re: TLC Sweeping show!

    I watched the show last evening also. It wasn't what I had expected, which is good! I thought it would be more like the couponing show which in my opinion shows people 'beating the system'. I didn't see anyone using a site like SA to find sweeps; the one man that said he enters about 1000 a day was shown doing searches for the sweeps to enter. I know if I had to do that there is no way I could enter more that 100 a day. Other than that, I can't really complain. (might have missed some of it because I found it on TV while in bed at midnight and may have been drifting to sleep some)

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