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Thread: Greys Anatomy

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    If you watch Greys then you will wonder what are they thinking with having Denny back. He's dead. Last night was good as usual. They had a prisoner from death row and at first they almost make you feel compassion for the guy but when Meredeth asks him what did he do to be on death row he started to tell them he was a serial killer. Just kind of creeped me out to hear the guy describe it.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Show was amazing last night. A definetly a tear jerker. I will go back today and watch it on line.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    If you keep up with the show here's some news. Izy and George will be leaving. I'm not surprised.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Dang it rerun :laughing:

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Another good show last night and we know what's going to happen to Izy.

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