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Thread: Greys Anatomy

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    Greys Anatomy

    OK we have got to have a thread for this one love love love this show and I am not happy with George right now

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    I just feel so sad for Callie but if no one else watches the show here I won't have a conversation with myself LOL

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    You guys can laugh at me if you want but I'm gona talk about the shows that I think are good and last night was good. George and Izzy are no way going to stay together. I still like Callie and I am glad to see Bailey as Chief resident.

    Now I feel better I could talk about the show with someone me LOL :headbang:

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    I'm glad to see he put Bailey in charge also since she was doing Callie's work to begin with.

    I don't think George and Izzy are going to make it as a couple neither but I don't like George with Callie neither.

    Also Dr. Grey ticked me off last night when she told her sister to get her own life and her own friends.

    And I don't like the way that new doctor is treating Yang I feel so sorry for her.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Man that mcdreamy just keeps looking better lol. I liked when the 2 Grey sisters had words. Bailey just lost it and George and Izzie get on my nerves.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Don't ya cha just hate having to wait another week to see the end of Thanksgiving weeks episode? :cussing:

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Quote Originally Posted by pdm View Post
    Don't ya cha just hate having to wait another week to see the end of Thanksgiving weeks episode? :cussing:
    Yes and they sure do have reruns awful fast these days :cry:

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    I know last night's episode was a re-run and I can't figure out if you were going to show a re-run why not just show part 2 of the Thanksgiving episode. It made no sense. I could understand if something else would have been on in that time slot but a repeat of the first show of the new season made no sense at all. :scratch:

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Well I guess Bailey's marriage is over now. Meradith is starting to get on my nerves. She doesn't know what she wants and Derek is going to date that nurse. I don't know what's up with George and Izzy,timing I guess.

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    Re: Greys Anatomy

    Grrrrr A rerun dorn those writers. :cry:

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