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    Some see sweeping as a zero sum game, where if I win, you lose, but I view it a bit differently - opportunities abound for those willing to commit the time & energy, and while it doesn't give a return equal to our input, if we are consistent, persistent, and patient, the possibilities are endless!!!

    Did you start sweeping convinced that you *would* win? :scratch:
    I ask because I'm convinced a good/positive attitude is essential for a sweeper.
    I know I about went nuts my first 6 months seeing people winning left and right, sometimes the same people over and over for specific IW's, and I couldn't hit a thing. I allowed myself to get bitter and suspicious, which almost ruined sweeping for me.
    When I finally realized it was all in the timing/luck of the draw, my attitude changed, I stopped looking inward and looked outward, helping others where I could, and I finally won! It was on an IW where you wrote a review, and someone asked if we'd help her family owned business. My focus was so intently on helping her out, I was shocked when it said congratulations!!!
    This experience changed my attitude, and saved my hobby - and I came up with:

    The Sweeper's Credo:

    Enter and forget it.
    Always be happy for those who win - even when they win "your" prize - and be positive you will win.
    Sweeping is a hobby that is all about timing. Especially for those elusive instants! IF you enter at the exact right moment, you will win.
    If not? Sad to say you won't. But I assure you - it's nothing personal, and those who win a lot don't have any "secrets" - they are just consistent, persistent, and patient.
    I really believe that if you go into it thinking you can't win, well, you'll MAKE yourself right so often you'll start believing it!!!
    I truly do believe you have to have a positive attitude - don't get hung up on what others are doing - just focus on entering, then move on to something else - like posting so we can get to know you!!!
    So hang in there - and enter, enter, enter - and you'll be posting a win before you know it!!! And remember - every day brings new opportunities to win!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by amyshulk View Post
    If you enter at the same time every day and haven't won in a long time, change up when you enter - or even in what order you enter.

    Keep in mind that while winning is the goal, interacting with other sweepers in the forums and comments is a side benefit that will make you feel like a winner!!!

    Dry spells CAN be broken, so don't give up!!! However - if you are starting to feel burned out, take a break - sweeping should be fun, not a chore!!!

    I save winning pages to paint, so when I'm blue, I can revisit past wins and reaffirm that I AM a winner - you'd be suprised how such a simple thing can really lift your spirits!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by amyshulk View Post
    Ways I deal with the frustration of a dry spell:

    1} I get outside of my own head by helping others. Either by voting, answering questions, or just getting a little silly. :crazytongue: :laughing:

    2} I avoid the winners circle. It's not that I'm not happy for other members, it's just that I don't need the constant reminder that I'm not one of them - for now. :crazytongue:

    3} I hard charge on sweeps, going through all the categories and getting a sense of satisfaction/accomplishment when I get all caught up.

    4} I take a break from the computer, since it's gone from being fun to being a chore.

    If you keep pushing yourself to enter and things don't change, you will most likely burn out and quit, whereas if you make a decision to take a break for a day or 2, you are still in control.

    I *usually* find I return after my mini "vacation" that I'm refreshed and can see things more clearly, so the little things don't get to me, and I enjoy instead of dreading entering my sweeps. :sunny:

    Most importantly:

    Use SA correctly. You need to click the links and fill out the entry forms to enter. SweepsCheck is a great tool, but checking it off does not enter you in the sweepstakes.
    If you use an autofill program - double check your info is correct. And ALWAYS double check the entry form before you submit
    Entering too often - always check the category/rules to ensure you don't DQ yourself.
    Not entering often enough - if you sweep 1 - 3 times a week, you will have less chances.
    Confining yourself to only IW sweeps/1x entries/dailys/etc - mix it up & try to enter any and all categories.
    Entering for those you aren't eligible - like: if you make up a company name to enter, you enter a sweeps that is only for residents of Canada, etc. Always check the restrictions.
    Entering too few sweeps - I'm not suggesting you enter for prizes you don't want/can't regift, but don't restrict yourself either!
    Entering sweeps with very few prizes - even though that seems to be the trend of late, try to enter sweeps with LOTS of prizes.
    Entering ONLY for big ticket prizes - similar to too few prizes, but these are usually "Creative Presentations" - which means NUMEROUS sponsors give away ONE major prize.
    Using numerous email addys to target a few IW's - besides being unethical, it's a good way to get yourself DQ'ed, and possibly blackballed by ALL of the JA's - I would assume they "talk" to each other and share info?

    FYI - Big companies don't care where you hear about their sweeps. Smaller companies are looking for advertisement and customer loyalty.
    I can see where a small business might resent sweepers. Many times their prizes are offered for sale or trade on sweeps sites or ridiculed in some forums.
    If there is a newsletter involved, many sweepers will subscribe to enter the sweep and then report the newsletter as spam. This causes some problems for the site owner.
    I think we as sweepers need to take responsibility for our actions.

    If none of the above applies?

    The key to enjoying this hobby is to enter and forget it - DON'T keep track of those you lost on, it will only depress you!!! Be helpful where you can - UPC's, trivia answers, etc - it WILL make a difference!!!
    Keep winning emails, winning pages {saved to paint} to remind you that you CAN win!!!
    With hubby's rotating shift, I've entered at all different times of day and night. I've had fabulous runs of hitting instants, but since I never enter at the same time each day, it was less a time thing, and more of a timing thing.
    I've also had some dry spells - I just kept entering! Trust me, persistence WILL pay off eventually, but you have to enter to win!!!
    Don't confine yourself to big ticket wins, enter for some smaller prizes too - winning on those will restore your confidence in yourself that you CAN win, and will renew your faith in sweeping!
    Try to take the focus off your inability to win right now, and just Enter and Forget it!!! I KNOW it sounds corny, but if you focus on the positive, positive WILL come!!!
    Negative thinking will only mess you up, on your timing and attitude, and ENSURE you always lose so posting to get the negative OUT of you WILL help - it's why I encourage people to do so, but not to go overboard lest they get in a downward spiral
    We can't all be winners, all of the time, and yes, it IS frustrating to see everyone else winning when we can't seem to hit but don't give up...

    I started sweeping online in Feb 2004 and JUST won a BIGGIE at the beginning of 2010 {$10,000 GP}!!!
    So I not only post, I truly believe in:

    The Sweeper's Credo :headbang:

    The Selective Sweeper {h/t doll38 }
    I think the usual sweeping learning curve goes something like this:
    Oh boy, LOOK at all these!!! I MUST enter ALL of them and then I WILL win.
    For some, it only takes a week for them to get frustrated and start asking "Why can't I win??? I see all these others doing it, what am I doing wrong???" while others plod along and don't reach that point for months.
    Since 6 months is the norm, those posting they won after a few days/weeks are actually outliers, who are also more likely to post, but that doesn't change how others react.
    The other part of the curve is in how many & how often you enter.
    When you start out, ANY win sounds fun, and so we tend to go hog wild - yes, I did it too. :crazytongue: :whistle:
    In time, we learn to prioritize, and that while entering lots of sweeps may increase your chances, it doesn't guarantee them.

    Quote Originally Posted by colleenjudge View Post
    There is no secret! It just takes persistence, patience and consistency to win. Unless you were entering sweeps somewhere else before you joined SA you really haven't been at it long enough to see wins yet. Although I don't know which sweeps you have been entering, you must consider a few things.
    1) Probably a lot of what you have entered have not ended yet. You can't win until the sweeps is over.
    2) Even if some of the sweeps have ended it somethings takes weeks and somethings a month or more until winner(s) are chosen.
    3) After a sweeps has ended and the winner(s) chosen it is sometimes another few weeks or a month or more until the winner(s) are notified. Just hang in there! You will win but you must give it time. And speaking of time, the IW sweeps are strictly a matter of timing. Sometimes winners are not notified, the prize just shows up at your door or in your mail box. There have been a few new sweepers that have thought checking off the sweeps check box next to the sweeps listing would enter them ... nope! You must click on the link and fill out the entry form. (I only mention this because I would hate for you to think your were entering something you weren't). But really, you WILL win! Honest!!! you will you will you will .... good luck!
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    Just wanted to add that if you consider upgrading to Sweepstakes Plus you can use Custom My Sweepstakes to build as many Custom Entry Sweepstakes categories as you wish. Such as "Blogs - Entry Daily" or "Instant Win - Play in the A.M." .

    When you use the Custom Categories effectively you increase your odds of winning because you are being more precise with your

    You can upgrade here:

    Thank you!


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    Good point Ken - I can't believe I didn't think of that!!! :nono: :crazytongue:

    Being able to control when/what I enter really keeps me from burning out on those days I just don't have the time/energy to enter ALL my sweeps so I don't miss out on the ones I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to win on!!! :sunny:

    Custom Entry Sweepstakes categories has supplanted NOTES as my new fave!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

    ALSO - see these threads for more info:

    How to get started without overwhelming yourself

    Winning - A Cheat Sheet

    How to use the *TOOLS* to get the most out of SA Features
    Sweepers by nature are *always* looking for a free lunch, but if you value your time over your $$$, then upgrading to PLUS at less than a dime a day gives you the best bang for your $$$!

    Haven't tried SwagBucks yet? Please use my referral link

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    If you are new to sweeping, sometimes the whole process can be overwhelming. Please get to know our website so that you can make the most of the tools and make the best use of your sweeping time.

    This "Get Started" link will give you a quick overview of how our site works:

    Still have questions? Visit our Forum or send us an email. We want to help you win!

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    I am new at this i have roboform and i have entered many things can u give me ideas on other things i can try. My husband is laughing thinking this whole thing is a waste of time. I want to prove him wrong. I am off work from a surgery so i have a lot of time on my hands. Thanks for any type of help.

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    Wow I really enjoyed that post.
    Most of the stuff I already knew;but
    what great re-enforcement!

    Best piece of advice - stay positive!
    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. (John Heywood)

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    My #1 suggestion is Check Your Email daily. So many people forfeit wins because they don't respond to a winner email.

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    Great suggestions ty. Also I want to say....don't get greedy and enter every single contest not only will it burn you out, but out of respect for your fellow sweepers who may truely want a prize that you could care less about . Also I thank God for every win! :sunny:

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    One additional suggestion. Besides checking your e-mail every day; also, check and clear you "spam" folder every day. I have had several winning notices diverted to "spam".

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    Great tips and so true. Congrats on your cash win at the beginning of the year, that is great! :wave:

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