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Thread: HGTV sweeps - Google Chrome autofill

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    HGTV sweeps - Google Chrome autofill

    I've noticed when I enter the first character of my name on many sweeps, ie HGTV sweeps, the fields populated automatically and are highlighted yellow. When I submit, I'm told my entry was accepted.
    However, when I manually type in all the fields, I get green highlighted fields with a green check mark at the end of the field. When I submit the entry, I'm also told my entry was accepted.

    Does anyone know if the entry MUST be manually typed in to 'truely' have all information populated in the boxes and received by the sponsor as an entry?
    I hope the autofill option is sending my name, address, phone, email, etc to the sponsor; thereby creating a complete entry (without missing information).
    Thanks in advance for replying with your knowledge and wisdom!

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    Do you tab through when the fields are populated automatically? That *should* turn the check mark green.

    I use RoboForm, and all of them {except state and cable company} have the green check mark.

    I do not see "manually typed" in the rules.

    fyi - good explanation of why using the drop downs/autofill/RoboForm is NOT the issue:

    lwaxana posted previously

    Websites can detect the use of macros by several methods (examination of IP addresses from which submissions come, rapidity of response, etc.) Generally the use of form-fillers such as Roboform is OK. What they are trying to prevent is the use of services that automatically enter a lot of sweeps on your behalf (without your having to visit the sponsor's site). Such services typically charge you a fee and claim to enter hundreds of contests for you. That, obviously, is cheating.
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    In the past on HGTV sweeps, once you register and then go back to enter again, putting in your email would populate the rest of the fields for you. Might not be an issue at all. I think it says this on the entry page. Good Luck!

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