Just wanted to say thank you to all the staff at S.A. and all the other sweepers. I am home bound due to being disabled. I do light housework and go to my doctor's appointments. I usually log onto S.A. at around 3 a.m., since I don't sleep much. I do what I have to do during the day. Most of my day is spent online entering their sweeps. I have won quite a bit, but it doesn't matter whether I win something or not, it is the pure fun of it. I look forward to each day wondering until you post all the new sweeps, because I enjoy going through and adding even more to my sweeps. Everyone on S.A. is so kind and the other sweepers are awesome too. If I could afford to become a member, instead of using the free site, I would. Maybe in the near future. Here's to everyone for helping me to stay sane and upbeat during this difficult time of my life. I am going to continue to be a sweeper.