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Thread: "How did we do" surveys at bottom of receipts - has anyone ever won one of those

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    "How did we do" surveys at bottom of receipts - has anyone ever won one of those

    I think everywhere I shop these days (Staples, Ulta, Pizza Hut, etc). has at the bottom of the receipt the link to the survey to tell about your visit. The incentive if you will be entered into a drawing for a prize. I am curious how many people do these and if anyone out there has ever won from doing the survey. Thanks!!

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    I can tell you that I do them a lot, but have never won, or even heard of anyone that won.

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    I recently worked for a national restaurant chain that had those at the bottom of the receipt. The prize was $1,000, but what they don't tell you is that it is run by a 3rd party company, and that you are pooled in with several other restaurants for that drawing. Example: You may dine out at Chilis and see that promotion at the bottom of your receipt. If you enter, you are also going up against everyone that fills out that survey from Chilis, Applebees, TGI Fridays, Cracker Barrel, etc. your odds of winning are incredibly slim as the pool of potential winners is multiplied more than they will ever tell you. Those surveys generate metrics that the restaurants (or stores) are ranked on, managers are reviewed on, and bonuses/raises are given/denied to managers based on those survey results. Each company pays a small amount into the prize pool to generate all that feedback so for them it is a small investment to generate numbers they can't get on their own.

    The company I worked at for 3 years had 79 stores and no customer from any of them ever won that $1,000. Each store had an average of 75 surveys a month. So that's 213,300 surveys without a single winner.

    However, I do know there actually is a winner for these contests, and you'll never have a chance if you don't enter.

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    I always enter those, like mainstay said, the odds of those receipt surveys are extremely poor but people do win. I've seen people post on other forums that they won from the bottom of a receipt and some places will actually post the winners info on their website.

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