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    Google Chrome

    I was wondering I use Google Chrome when entering my sweepstakes, when I enter my info all of the boxes are Yellow!! Does anyone know if this is normal,or does it mean the info is not going in to enter the sweepstakes... Thank you

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    I think it's normal. If you type it in it stays white if chrome fills it, it turns yellow. I got no idea why.

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    From a tech point-of-view it could turn it yellow just to notify the user that those were auto-filled (security/confirmation) in case it isn't a site that you trust and/or if you want to review that the filled forms contain correct data.

    edit: found the answer here
    To see how Google Chrome will complete a form before it actually fills it out, hover over an Autofill entry in the menu with your mouse. The fields that can be automatically completed are highlighted in yellow.

    With the following notice: It's important that you use Autofill only on websites you trust, as certain websites might try to capture your information in hidden or hard-to-see fields. Some websites prevent browsers from saving text that you've entered, so Google Chrome won't be able to complete forms on those sites.

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