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Thread: Best time to play instants?

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    Re: Best time to play instants?

    There is no better time than another. I win quite a bit on the instants, and I play them during regular morning and afternoon hours.

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    Re: Best time to play instants?

    I usually play very early morning and have won a couple of times but my best time was mid day that is where, I win multiples , early morning, I only win once and it is for small items but hey it is different for everyone a friend of mine wins in evenings and night only time she can play and wins more than me..
    It is a toss up ... But it has been kinda slow lately...

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    Re: Best time to play instants?

    yes, it's been EXTREMELEY slow lately...oh, how I miss the good ol' days when instant win games offered some element of excitement...

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