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Thread: Hostess Mamma Mia! IW

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    Hostess Mamma Mia! IW

    I won one movie ticket to Mamma Mia and was told I'd receive an e-mail from them to show me how to redeem my ticket. This was June 29th. Never received the e-mail nor the ticket. Any idea who or how I can get in touch with the sponsor? Would appreciate it! Thanks!

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    Re: Hostess Mamma Mia! IW

    First I would check my Junk Mail or spam. I won the tickets too and the email came right away.

    On my “winner’s” email, they added:
    Please contact [email protected]
    for any questions

    Hope this helps you.
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    Re: Hostess Mamma Mia! IW

    Hi Zoey, thanks for that address that was in your email. I have emailed them with my confirmation number from the screen and hope that I will get the ticket. Occasionally there is a problem with Roadrunner. There was nothing in my junk.
    Thanks, have a great weekend! :wave:

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