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Thread: Help me start

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    Help me start

    What's you're best advice for a newbie to get started.

    I am a member of a couple of sites but not this one until today. I want to win!

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    Re: Help me start

    enter, enter, enter, . . . .
    everyday if possible.
    I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. (John Heywood)

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    Re: Help me start

    :sunny: First let me welcome you to Sweepstakes Advantage!

    Enter, enter, enter, if you don't already have Roboform, get it. It will allow you to enter a whole lot more alot faster. Free download at They also have a paid version that is fantastic!

    Be patient, persistant and consistant and you will win.
    Check out all the advise on the Newbie Thread -

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    Re: Help me start

    Thank you for the help I will go read that now.

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    Re: Help me start

    :wave: jankap welcome to SA!!! :wave:

    Sincepmeek already gave you the link to the newbies forum, I'll just suggest you read this thread there:

    How to use the *TOOLS* to get the most out of SA Features

    And JIC you haven't come accross this from another thread...

    Sweeping is a hobby that is all about timing. Especially for those elusive instants! IF you enter at the exact right moment, you will win. If not? Sad to say you won't. But I assure you - it's nothing personal, and those who win a lot don't have any "secrets" - they are just consistent, persistent, and patient.

    The sweepers credo? Enter and forget it. Always be happy for those that win - even when they win "your" prize :laughing: - and be positive you will win.

    Reminding myself of the sweepers credo is how I keep my positive attitude, and my sanity.

    I really believe that if you go into it thinking you can't win, well, you'll MAKE yourself right so often you'll start believing it!!! I truly do believe you have to have a positive attitude - don't get hung up on what others are doing - just focus on entering, then move on to something else - like posting so we can get to know you!!!

    Hang in there - and enter, enter, enter - you'll be posting a win before you know it!!! And remember - every day brings new opportunities to win!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
    Sweepers by nature are *always* looking for a free lunch, but if you value your time over your $$$, then upgrading to PLUS at less than a dime a day gives you the best bang for your $$$!

    Haven't tried SwagBucks yet? Please use my referral link

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