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Thread: Yahoo/Pepsi Question

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    Yahoo/Pepsi Question

    I won the sneakers a couple of days ago - the win is listed in my Yahoo/Pepsi account however I have not received any e-mail about how to get them - does anyone know how they contact you about your win - do they just mail an Adidas gift certificate? Thanks for your help. :wave:

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    Re: Yahoo/Pepsi Question

    give it about 5 days and the email will show up - then it gives you a code to go into addias site and order them

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    Re: Yahoo/Pepsi Question

    Okay, great - thank you very much! :wave:

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    Re: Yahoo/Pepsi Question

    My email took longer than 5 days to receive. Someone on here told me they contacted Yahoo/Pepsi and they are mailing them out in batches so it may be longer for you. It is a code that you enter online that I have not used yet.

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    Re: Yahoo/Pepsi Question

    I ordered mine.
    Tracking says they will be delivered tomorrow.
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