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Thread: Ethics?

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    Re: Ethics?

    I really only enter the sweeps I am interested in and if I have won something I want then I normally won't enter again. For instance I won a guitar I don't enter again. I don't enter brides sweeps because I am not a bride. I also don't enter trips because I don't want to.

    I think people will enter sweeps for many reasons and that's up to them as to how they feel about the sweep they enter. We are all going to be different on this one and that's to be expected.

    I say to each his own and I won't worry about anyone else because I have enough to worry about on my own. I also can see both sides to the issue though and so I agree with everyone on this one.

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    Re: Ethics?

    I got a little concerned because Olivia Cruises was having some legal issues recently but fulfillment is an concern with any sweep, esp. considering current economic conditions. I still can't get over all the magazines going out of business :cry:
    Beyond the spectacle, the lawsuit has been a cause of concern for those who travel on Olivia's voyages. Numerous postings expressing worry about the future of the company and its financial health have appeared on message boards, particularly after the plaintiffs sought to force the company to dissolve in their initial filings.
    My friend Gen enters for gay cruises, and swears she will pretend to be a lesbian if she wins. Which would be very funny and I want to see pictures :laughing:
    I fully respect each individual's decision to enter or not enter any sweep, based on their moral and religious beliefs. I know someone who will not enter Peta sweeps, for some very compelling moral reasons. And I can totally respect that.

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