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Thread: Maybe MOVING, How does this affect Prize Delivery?

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    Maybe MOVING, How does this affect Prize Delivery?

    I may be moving in Jan of 2009. The question is....If I move and ACTUALLY win something, do they forward prizes or is the fact that I moved, basically gonna make me lose the right to claim the prize? sorry, this may be a SILLY question but still i'd like to know the answer....

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    Re: Maybe MOVING, How does this affect Prize Delivery?

    if the prizes is being shipped usps and you have done a change of address you will get them. If its a prize from ups, fed ex or dhl..and the only info they have is your old address well, then you probably wont get it. unless you get an email from one of them saying its coming and you can tell them of the address change. I would start using the new address to enter as soon as possible.

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    Re: Maybe MOVING, How does this affect Prize Delivery?

    If you move, all prizes are forwarded to me! :sunny:

    Sorry, :laughing:

    I would talk to the new owners of the house, or the landlord and leave them your forwarding address and new phone number. If a package arrives, you can send them the postage to foward it to you. That is the safest way.

    Hope you have to worry about lots of wins! :headbang:

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    Re: Maybe MOVING, How does this affect Prize Delivery?

    When I moved, I had very good luck with using Return Path for a change of email address ( Of course, I forwarded my mail to my new address with the post office also.

    For everything else, I went through every site that I had a profile with and changed my address and telephone information. For those sponsors who use your profile information for mailings, it works very well.

    Unfortunately, for those sponsors who go by the entry form information only, then you're out of luck for Fedex, UPS, and DHL if the information on the picked entry is your old address. On daily's, make sure you use your new address as soon as you know it.

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