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Thread: How long & how many?

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    How long & how many?

    On an average day how long do you spend entering sweeps and how many do you enter?

    Just Wondering,

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    : How long & how many?

    I am ashamed to say :smt022 that I spend 4-5 hours per day sweeping. I have become obsessed :smt031 :smt024 with it! My husband says (sarcastically) that I have become a "professional contestant". One day I WILL win big and I will SHOW him. :smt082 :smt043 :smt044 I enter about 38 instants, 3-4 24 hr sweeps, and around 100 dailies. I used to enter EVERYTHING but I've learned to be choosy and cut out some of the time I am "wasting"! How long do you spend sweeping and have you had any big wins? :smt006 :smt002

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    : How long & how many?

    too long. :smt003 on average a few hours off and on a day. I enter alot of sweeps. around 400 I quess. I enter alot for dvds, cd, books. small stuff. But thats what I like. I would rather spend a half hour entering for dvds that 15 min entering for some bigger stuff. I like that fact that with the smaller ones my odds are better. And I dont really think im gonna win 10,000 or a brand new car. I know some people do but I just dont feel it. :smt003 good luck. hope you wins lots of stuff :smt003

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    : How long & how many?

    I spend maybe a hour an a half and enter around 100 sweeps

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    : How long & how many?

    I go in spurts, some days I will spend a few hours, others just a few minutes. Usually I will do the ones expiring in the next couple days. That way I can do two or three days at a time, and skip a few days of getting online to enter. I don't get many entries in one particular contest that way, but I feel like I have a chance at it. The instant wins are time consuming, so I haven't done those in awhile. They also can get me down, by seeing all of those sorry you did not win this time, come back tommorrow. ugh lol

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